Churros Ice Cream

Churros Ice Cream

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Making these delicious desserts is a lot of fun. Step inside this kitchen to prepare some yummy virtual treats in this online cooking game. It will walk you through how to make the churros and one of the best ways to enjoy them with ice cream.

We love desserts very much and we cannot decide which one is the best, but definitely dessert combinations are our favorite. Take churros ice cream from example. They combine the perfect churro with the creamy ice cream. We'll teach you how to make them, but first you have to go into the kitchen and find all the necessary ingredients and tools. For each one you find you get money added to your wallet. Next you have to make the churros. In a pot on the stove melt some butter, add some biscuits, salt and water. Stir it up and add flour, eggs and vanilla extract. Then take the back of a muffin tray and put a swirl of dough on it. Let it in a freezer and then deep fry it. Now turn them upside down and fill them with ice cream and different toppings using the money you earned.

Beat the heat with this yummy dessert! Cook these churros by following the instruction. Gather all the ingredients first and after that, you're ready to cook your churros. After doing such, you are going to choose what ice cream you will choose to top on each churro. There are also premium ice creams and toppings that you can buy.

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