Domino Block

Domino Block

Date added: 19/06/2017

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Domino Block is an online HTML5 game at frivgame 2021. The simplest of the block-type domino games, played by 2 - 4 players using a Double-Six domino set and a score-sheet. In the game, the dominoes are shuffled, facedownh. Each player draws 7 tiles that only they can look at. Find out if you can beat them. Good luck!


During the game at friv Games for kids, the lead player sets down 1st domino and then players in turn lay tiles onto the open ends of the domino layout with same-number adjacent to same-number. When the player has dominoed by setting their last tile, or the game is blocked with no player able to set a tile, the round is over and the player who dominoed or has the lowest total of pips left in their hand, is the winner of that round.  The winner of a round then scores the total number of pips on all the other players' dominoes, minus the total number of pips on any remaining tiles in their hand.


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Controls: Use the mouse to play this game

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