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GET 1000

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GET 1000- click to play online for free at friv 2021.

Get 1000 is a fun and challenging puzzle game in which your aim is to move one numbered tile into the center of the grid and reach the number 1000. This might sound easy but the gameplay is tricky and you must really think about your moves and persevere. Each move requires one life to complete and you can earn additional lives by successfully reaching the center of the grid.

The different squares contain different number types such as multiplication values like x10 or x5 - use these to your advantage to create the larger numbers required to progress. This game requires immense concentration and you must think about each move due to the limited number of lives. Can you reach 1000 and prove your mathematical skill?

Release Date

February 2021


Get 1000 was made by BearDroid (Teddy Bouziat), a French-based indie game developer.


  • Unique brain teaser game that inspired from the famous friv 2, but with more twists

  • Each move besides moving the number to the center requires a life

  • Unlockable new modes after you beat the classic mode

  • The ability to undo a move

  • Daily quest


Get 1000 is a web browser game. We also have the Android version.


Drag left mouse button to move a tile.

Play the mobile game  on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone) on site  Also from this series: MAZE PLANET 3D & Batmobile Jigsaw. Enjoy!

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