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Rating: 0% 0 votes - click to play online for free at friv games 2021. This is a thrilling battle royale game that you can enjoy here. The game uses HTML5 technology to run smoothly in all modern browsers. 

Move around the playing field and eat as many cells as possible to grow your cell size – once you feel you are large enough, you can attempt to take on other players and try to consume their cells – be sure to only attempt to eat cells that are larger than you otherwise you will be eliminated! You can split your own cell down into smaller pieces to collect more cells but this will leave you vulnerable to attack so be careful! Can you be the last cell standing and dominate the Tolxy arena? is a fantastic multiplayer io game that takes inspiration from the popular Agar title. In this game, you control a single living cell and you must try and eat other cells to increase your size and become the largest organism on the playing field.

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Game controls:

Move: or ↑ ↓ ← → or.

E D S F Zoom: or PgUp PgDn or.

Q A Split: or. Space Eject: or.

W Exit: Esc Full screen: F11.

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