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ZOMBS.IO is an online HTML5 game for mobile free on friv 2021.

Zombs.io is a survival game in which you need to gather resources and build up your own base to survive against hungry zombies. The zombies are not going to come for you unless you have built up a gold stash. Before doing so, gather enough initial resources and find a strategic place to build a base (find a spot where there are stones and trees). After building the gold stash, protect it at all costs! Surround your base with walls and defensive weapons. And don't forget to build gold mines to generate gold to upgrade your buildings.

The zombies only come at night, and with each wave, they are getting stronger. Buy various new weapons to help you in your survival. You can also join a party with other people to help you build a larger base and defend together. Are you a true survivor? Good luck!


Yang, Jeremiah, and Michelle
UPDATE: In March 2021, Yang and Jeremiah released the amazing .io game zombsroyaleio or SURVIV.IO

Release Date

May 2015

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Game controls:


  • WASD keys to move

  • Left click to gather resources/attack/build

  • Right click or esc to unselect

  • Q to switch weapons

  • B to enter shop menu

  • P to enter party menu

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